Another Ethiopian Businessman vanishes after being picked by govt officals.

The family of Machakos businessman Trader Mohammed Hassan is in dire straits after their relatives disappeared mysteriously after being caught with a mask on their face.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, December 28, family members found out that their relatives were arrested on Thursday, December 23 by people who identified themselves as government officials.

Mohammed’s brother, Omar Hassan Mohammed, revealed that the businessman was arrested at around 3pm. when he was in his shop in Machakos.

Unfortunately, CCTV cameras from a nearby building stopped working on the day of the disaster at 2 p.m.

“They were outside the shop. Mohammed was sitting at his desk and they went straight to him and asked him where his mask was.

“They followed him and took him away. Everyone else who was there ran away. When we got there we found people who told us that at 3pm a pick-up truck appeared. And stopped for 10 minutes,” Omar said.

He further noted that the four men, who were well-built, arrived in a white double cab, picked up his brother and left.

The family is now asking the government to help them find their loved ones.

“Four people came out. One was a driver and the other were giants. We are asking the government to prosecute him if it is the authorities who arrested him. If they are kidnappers, please help us,” he added.

The case comes a month after another businessman, Taimur Kariuki Hussein, re-emerged after spending five months in jail.

The Lamu businessman, who disappeared on June 28, 2021, reappeared on Saturday, November 27 and returned to his home in Watamu, Kwale County.

Hussein, the second-born in a family of three children, was reportedly abducted by ATPU agents in Lamu on June 11, 2021, and his family was told by security officials that he was on police radar.

He was arraigned in Coffee Court on the day of the tragedy before being released without his family. The family claimed he was attacked by ATPU agents who chose to interrogate him.

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