Anti-gay pastor says it’s OK to hit kids as God put a ‘cushioned’ butt on them.

A prominent anti-gay pastor made a video in which he talked about the benefits of spanking children for disciplinary reasons.


Pastor Roger Jimenez, 35, founded the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California. He proudly opposes LGBTQ rights in any way. After the shooting of Pulse nightclub, in which 49 people died, he told his rally that the real tragedy of the incident was “more than they did not die”.

A few years ago, he told his conference that homosexuals are a danger to children, adding: “We are not advocating justice, but this is what we are saying: if the government kills them, that would make America safer again.

Jimenez and his wife, Joann, have six children of their own. Therefore, he has a strong view of child discipline.

A YouTube video published over the weekend featured a conversation between him and another member of the Verity clergy, Deacon Oliver Gonzalez, and was taken over by an atheist.

Nothing to see here. Only two extremist Christian pastors boast about how they beat their children and why everyone should do the same.

“If you beat your kids and it doesn’t matter, you don’t accomplish anything.”

Jimenez said, “And I think even most Christians don’t realize that the way God has given us to discipline our children is to print well … but in our society today sometimes people hear the word” beat “and get the wrong idea… when we talk about printing children yours, we are not talking about injustice.

“In our church, we often try to teach parents how to discipline their children properly. And, you know, we teach parents that you don’t want to hit your kids, say, a fist. You never want to hit them somewhere it would be inappropriate, like their faces.

“God put a part of the body on the children which is a good place to be whipped. And we are really talking about this substance.

“There are many endings there. And there is a little extra river. And it is a place where you can beat it in the right way. And it will not hurt the children.

“Because the argument is to beat the children and hurt them. But the goal is never to hurt them.

“We, of course, want to be whipped to hurt. If you hit your kids and it doesn’t matter, you don’t accomplish anything.

Gonzalez admits, adding, “The world is going to hit. And, you know, what the world will say is if you hit your kids, then your child will grow up hating you. But, you know, what I saw is the opposite. loving answer… and when I called … the result is that they will learn obedience.

“And obviously that’s why … what we’re doing is promoting adults who will learn to obey their boss at work, learn to obey their pastor at church, learn to obey their husbands at home.”

Jimenez concludes that beating children “is a matter of love … What you and I realize is that our children will learn that there is an impact on their actions. In any case, they will learn from me and you, our home, in a loving environment. , or they will learn when they grow up, you know, when they are beaten by the police, or beaten by anyone.

In addition to his hateful sermons and his request for the death of the LGBTQ people, Jimenez and his wife also began working on a series of children’s books, “which teach children biblical values.”

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