“Any student involved in crime it will reflect on certificate of good conduct.”

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation has warned all students across all ladders of education against engaging in any criminal activity or drug abuse articulating that stun measures will be taken to the perpetrators of any of these heinous acts.

DCI has stated that its team is consolidating charges that may be preferred to any student who is caught in crime, whether in primary school, secondary or college/university student.

The DCI further articulates that the criminal activity and student/learner is caught in will be stipulated in the Police clearance certificate popularly as Certificate of Good Conduct, making it difficult for one to be employed owing the fact that no employer of worth will dare employ such character.

Some of crimes that may warrant punishment by the rule of law as stipulated in the poster include, armed and unpeaceful demonstration, arsons, drugs, cyber bullying, assault of any kind, drunkeness or any other reported crime of any kind.

The DCI further called upon parents, religious leaders, teachers and guardians to take note and advise the students accordingly.

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