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Armed men kidnap Judge in Nigeria.

59-Year-old court judge Mr. Hussaini Samalia in Katsina state , northwestern Nigeria, was abducted on Tuesday evening. Police has also confirmed the kidnapping of the judge.

According to the residents, armed men stormed the court and whisked in a van carrying with them the judge.

Such cases have been witnessed in Nigeria of late as 630 people including students being kidnapped in the last three months. The assailants doing this are becoming more rampant in the Northwest more so Katsina , home state of the President Mahammadu Buhari.

Interrogations are on going but questions still remain unanswered, The kidnapping happened at Safana local government area.

Questions been asked is what the judge was doing in the court and all courts were on strike as ordered by nation union.

“what was the judge doing in the court?” asked public relations officer Mr. Gambo Isah.

The court was reported of insecurities. The judge neither did not inform anyone of his departure from the village neither asked for security.

“The court has been transferred from the village to Safana because of security challenges. Nobody was on the know of his visit to the court especially when there was ongoing strike by judicial workers.” Added Mr. Gambo.

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