Atwoli claims he has been sexually harrased severally

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has been active in recent years as he struggles to fight for workers’ rights. The trade union movement was very active during the Atwoli era with loud activists at the heart of all the success of the industry.

Despite his advanced age, Atwoli remained the most influential figure in the country’s political system. He defended the Raila presidency which he believes will change the country forever.

Earlier today, Atwoli met with other union leaders as they tried to prepare for next month’s Labor Day. During his speech, Atwoli spoke out against sexual offenders who have caused havoc in the workplace.

According to Atwoli, he was sexually abused by women. He gave the example of a grandmother who came to his office wearing a short skirt and her beautiful things were seen where she was sitting.

He also cited the example of women being lifted by men and found that their skirts did not reach the knees. According to him, this is the first procedural abuse.

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