Autopsy reveals cause of death for Embakasi East RO

The Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Embakasi East official who disappeared last Thursday was choked and his neck seriously harmed, the post-mortem examination report uncovers.

Daniel Mbolu Musyoka, 53, evaporated after he ventured out to answer a call at the Embakasi East counting community situated at the East Africa School of Aviation, last Thursday night.

His post-mortem examination was finished at Oloitokitok Sub-County Hospital on Wednesday, two days after his body was found.

Embakasi East Ro Mr. Musyoka Image
Embakasi East Ro Mr. Musyoka Image

As per the post-mortem examination report, his body had neither shot injuries nor scars.

Among the people who saw the after death were his relatives, investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and IEBC authorities.

Analysts exploring his passing on Tuesday said that he was logical kept in bondage before he was killed on the grounds that the body which was found on Monday had not disintegrated and was unblemished in spite of being in a creature hallway in the timberland.

He was going to report the consequences of the individual from National Assembly and individual from region gathering races for Embakasi East.

Witnesses say he pardoned himself from the counting place to get a call around 9.40 am before he disappeared. He was most recently seen leaving the counting community, making a beeline for the close by transport stop.

After his vanishing, his representative dominated and reported the outcomes.

Musyoka’s body was found by herders on the bed of a dry occasional waterway in Kilombero Forest, at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro.

The body was exposed, yet a tracksuit and a Maasai shuka lay some distance away.

The body had new injuries on the neck, highlighting conceivable strangulation. The lower appendages were enlarged however there were no apparent wounds.

Nonetheless, the body showed up crisp, as indicated by Loitokitok Police Commander Shadrack Kiprop Ruto, proposing that it had not been since a long time ago Musyoka was killed.

“We suspect the departed was being held by his victimizers for a couple of days after his vanishing, just to kill him later. Assuming the body had been unloaded the day he disappeared, it would have started disintegrating or it would have been gobbled up by wild creatures,” said Mr Kiprop.

On Monday night, the casualty’s sisters, Ms Mary Mwikali and Ms Ann Nduku distinguished the body at the Loitokitok sub-province morgue

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