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Avril response after her song gets less than 1k views in 8hours

Avril is one of the oldest artists in Kenya to ever have. From Hello Baby to When I See Him, her songs follow in the waves.

But over the years new artists have emerged as some of the older singers like Nameless and Wahu continue to try to produce songs here and there.

Avril, who is now the mother and ambassador of the brand, is now less active in the music industry. The singer recently released a song called Danger, and within 8 hours the song had 900 views on Youtube.

Famous blogger / journalist Nimrod Nick took to Instagram wondering what could be wrong. He wrote: “You are all dirty in April. What could be the problem? »

“Don’t worry if I die the songs I did for a while will be trending but for a while maybe even loved don’t worry, thank you for the message, sarcasm and love.”Avril responded

The song featured Brandy Maina, a budding artist in Kenya. She was also touched by how confused Internet users were about the number of comments. On Instagram, she wrote, “They hate when they don’t understand.”

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