Azziad rubbishes claims of conning contestants

Kenya’s most followed female Tik Toker Azziad Nasenya has answered allegations of conning a member who won an award in her Azziad X Denri challenge.

The allegations were made by make-up artiste Gabriell Bm who said she adhered to every one of the directions Azziad had given to willing members and she was one individuals who wound up winning and welcome to the pack send off.

The victors were to be given the recently sent off sacks and Gabrielle asserted hopefuls needed to compel issues for them to get the packs. Denri produces sacks for different purposes and tastes.

“What was remaining was the money. Coincidentally, individuals working at Denri had close to zero insight into the money, they had barely any familiarity with the test so we needed to show recordings of everything we were saying. To this end it was truly difficult for us to get the sacks,” said Gabrielle.

A file image of Azziad
A file image of Azziad

She further said that Azziad left the occasion early and when they requested their cash, they were denied in light of the fact that Azziad didn’t educate Denri regarding the cash part of her test.

“We asked Denri how we would get our money later and they advised us to give them our numbers and they would send the cash the next day. We didn’t get the cash and I stayed silent to give time for the issue to be settled. At the point when I understood this was requiring some investment, I chose to send a DM to Azziad. She answered fourteen days after the fact on August 12,” added Gabrielle.

Azziad was said to have asserted she was excessively occupied and hadn’t seen the messages sent by Gabrielle and that she was heartbroken. Three out of 10 individuals hadn’t been given their monetary rewards so Azziad demanded that Gabrielle connect with one of the others for her benefit and she did.

“Most VIPs, particularly satisfied makers, certainly know the problem that accompanies making content… the materials I used to make this substance flawlessly, the time and exertion and the wide range of various makers who have not been paid as I talk at the present time… Azziad didn’t send cash to one of different young ladies as she had said. She told me not to rely on getting any money,” Gabrielle further said.

Gabrielle felt for challenge champs who got neither the sacks nor the money, it was uncalled for to say it. She additionally blamed Azziad for involving individuals for her own advantage.

“I put out satisfied that is most certainly as yet advancing the new Azziad pack as we talk at the present time. I accept myself and this multitude of other substance makers consented to do this specific test since there was some type of word guaranteed toward it. Furthermore, we gave her our foundation for her to publicize and sell on it, some type of trade (for) something. I believe being had a good time with is truly unsuitable in light of the fact that that is the thing has been occurring considering the time period it has been very nearly two months now. I can’t continue to send DMs and messages that aren’t being answered to get something I worked for,” she said.

In any case, in her reaction, through Tik Tok live, Azziad blamed Denri for not paying on time and that she has such countless direct messages and didn’t see Gabrielle’s specific ones.

I did the test one month prior and guaranteed there is a compensation for it. I’m a substance maker and I know the aggravation of doing a video free of charge. I picked 10 champs and they were welcomed for the send off. My mum was visiting the area and I needed to meet her at 5pm as she was flying out. The occasion began late so I requested to be pardoned. I went took mum to the air terminal. At the point when I returned just 7 champs were at the occasion. The other three were not there – one is situated in Saudi Arabia and the other two who had left snagging them was hard. I, as Azziad, followed up and DMed them on Instagram,” Azziad made sense of.

“To say reality, it is difficult to keep tabs, I have 500 DMs per day. She never searched for me, I’m the person who did. Things occur. I sent her a voice note expressing sorry for the deferral. I got her number and requested that they cycle the installments. I didn’t realize they were not paid. That isn’t a reason, it shouldn’t have worked out. I didn’t con anybody,” she further said.

“Had I had some significant awareness of it prior I would have heightened it. She was paid her cash before she transferred the video. I realize she won’t let you know that. However, it is OK. I would rather not say I’m a tycoon however I’m honored. I don’t con individuals. In the event that a WhatsApp number visits you and says I’m Azziad and vows to give you cash. Try not to be naïve. In this economy who will give you cash,” Azziad said.

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