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B Classic apologizes to Nadia Mukami, says it wasn’t intentional.

Musician B Classic contacted Nadia Mukami, asking her to forgive him.

It was after Nadia Mukami said she would not work with B Classic again because she had rejected him.

Speaking to Willy Mtuva, B Classic called Nadia Mukami one of her best friends, who she can’t ignore.


“I’m not stupid. And we’re all human beings, if I had wronged Nadia I’d like to apologize to her. I was so hurt to hear that because it’s not something I can do,” B-Classic said.

According to B Classic, the incident took place during an event in Taita Taveta County.

“The host of the event told me Nadia would perform and leave, so when I got to the stage to perform I thought she was gone. I didn’t expect to see her, so if I refused, it wasn’t intentional,” she said. he noted.

The singer has asked Nadia Mukami to forgive her, saying she considers him one of the artists who created her career.

“Nadia is my sister, the first person I worked with in Kenya. I hope she understands me. I’m not proud.”

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