Babu Owino causes drama in parliament after hiding MP David Sankok’s crunthes.

On Wednesday, there was light during a tumultuous parliamentary session after Embakasi East MP Babu Owino hid the crunthes of his colleague David Sankok.

Lawmakers had gathered in parliament buildings to discuss complex proposals to change the law on political parties, while in the middle of the session Sankok was shocked that his crutches were missing.

Vice President Moses Cheboi was forced to suspend operations and search for missing sticks.

“The irony is that you (Sankok) have been sitting there all this time. If you have lost your crutches, you should have an idea of who took them and I will order them back to you immediately, “Cheboi told Sankok.

picture of Babu Owino and Mp David Sankok

“They tell me it’s Grandpa Owino. I am not sure if this is true. If so, you must return them. Are you the one who made the mistake? Cheboi asked Embakasi East MP.

Already identified as the perpetrator, Owino opened up and admitted that he was in fact responsible for hiding the crutches, much to the delight of other lawmakers.

He claimed that Sankok did not need crutches in the White House.

“I have already released Mr. President. Sergeant-at-Arms had already taken them, “Owino said happily.

The Embakasi East envoy was given the task of apologizing to Parliament for his act of compulsion.

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