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Babu Owino responds to verification of Fake twitter account.

Many celebrities and social media influencers can’t wait to get the blue badge on their online platforms. Verification is important because it allows you to know that a public interest account is genuine.

However, this was not the case for Embakasi East MP Babu Owino after Twitter verified a parody account using his name.

On Tuesday morning, Kenyans woke up to find a controversial account named Babu Owino, @ BabuOwino1, which was confirmed instead of the official MP’s account and username, @HEBabu Owino.


Owino’s Grandfather’s parody account has been confirmed.
In response, the MP threatened to leave the social media platform if Twitter did not confirm his official account.

“If Twitter does not verify my actual account in the next few weeks, please leave Twitter. I can’t / will not be satisfied with @confirmation, ”Babu wrote on Twitter.

In a short video explaining the same issue, the MP said Twitter made a serious mistake in verifying the account and warned Kenyans against using the information from the account, calling it fake.

“I would like to clarify my Twitter account. My official Twitter account is @HEBabu Owino. Twitter made a big mistake by verifying a fake account under my name called @ BabuOwino1. This is not my account, it is a nickname and I would like to get rid of it.

“This account is a fake account that has been verified by Twitter, which means any other information Kenyans will get is fake and that the fraudsters have forged my ID and used it to verify the same account, so ignore it,” he said. Grandpa Owino said.

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