Babu Owino turns spiritual ask fans to only please God

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has encouraged his supporters to quit carrying on with a day to day existence that satisfies individuals however God.

Babu said that it’s so fussy everybody on this planet, adding that once one begins to do that, they lose what their identity is. He encouraged individuals to be more worried about God’s opinion on them, not individual people who won’t ever be satisfied

“Be more worried about how God sees you, not how individuals see you, quit satisfying individuals since they couldn’t care less, they have a greater number of issues than you. At the point when you attempt to if it’s not too much trouble, individuals, you will lose what your identity is. You need to conclude who individuals maintain that you should be or who God believes you should be,” Babu said. As per the vocal lawmaker, it is smarter to satisfy God than an individual who will continuously pass judgment on you notwithstanding doing what they like.

A fila image of Babu Owino
A fila image of Babu Owino

“You need to frustrate certain individuals all together not to dishearten God. It is smarter to satisfy God than to kindly individuals. Try not to allow individuals to get you into their corner. Performing to keep their fellowship, claim to remain well known, and intrigue to be appreciated that is a great deal of strain to live under,” he added.

The youthful lawmaker note that It’s difficult to be something you are not and to keep everybody blissful, except it’s simple being you and being genuine

“You resemble the Pharisees getting things done to look good. The fact of the matter is doing what God is requesting that you do, being who he made you be, and that is where the gift is, where the blessing is, where the power is,” the legislator expressed

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