Bahati looses Mathare MP bid

Kevin Kioko, famously known as Bahati, has lost the Mathare MP race.

In the wildly challenged crusade, Anthony Oluoch of the ODM, the ongoing MP, and Billian Ojiwa of the UDA completed first and second, separately.

Oluoch won with 28,098 votes, holding his seat; Ojiwa came in second with 16,912 votes.

Bahati got 8,166 votes while running for the Jubilee party.

A file image of Bahati
A file image of Bahati

Be that as it may, Ojiwa tested the political decision results when the votes were counted, refering to critical irregularities.

Before the discoveries could be disclosed, he pulled out his representatives and took steps to sue to upset the choice.

Oluoch, who will address the locale briefly term, is focused on teaming up with his opponents in the fight against neediness in the area.

“I welcome all my capable rivals with the goal that we work for our kin,” Oluoch said in the wake of being given his testament by Mathare Constituency Returning Officer Lucy Wangare.

Bahati had hours before supposed that the counting system had numerous abnormalities.

Posting on his virtual entertainment, Bahati said, “Dear I.E.B.C We Need Answers!!! Everything is at Stand Still at St. Teresa’s Tallying Center and We can Sense Rigging Plans… Please let us know what’s Happening!!!”

Bahati likewise asserts that 21 voting stations had been altered.

“I have been ready to be proclaimed the victor and to be given over the authority testament as the Mathare MP-choose,” he said.

During the mission season, Bahati’s affection disdain relationship with the ODM pioneers worked out in the media.

At the point when Baba was crusading in Mathare, he vowed to give Bahati a task and that he ought to step down for Oluoch.

Bahati left irritably declining the proposition.

Raila told constituents, “Bahati is my kid, I will give him work in the public authority.”

Bahati then, at that point, took to his web-based entertainment and described to his supporters how he was gone after soon after passing on the mission rally because of his political position.

Adding, “I’m battling for individuals of Mathare. I had some work as a performer however individuals of Mathare are going through a ton of battles.”

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