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Ben Githae dump Azimio and joins UDA

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Kikuyu musician Ben Githae has pledged allegiance to Kenyan President William Ruto and his government.

At the funeral of Pauline Nyokabi, the sister of the Minister of Trade and Industrial Development, Moses Kuria, on Monday, Githae said he was afraid to meet the head of state because he did not support running for the position.

“On Friday, I went to visit Minister Moses Kuria and I was informed that you (Ruto) would come. I wondered if we should come and meet or not,” Githae said.

Githae said he joined the Kenya Kwanza coalition along with other artists who campaigned for Azimio.

“I said I will come to face you and tell you that we want to continue after the failure of the other side,” he said and added that they are a group of artists.

“Many of us supported Azimio but we are here today. Sir James and Kigia are also here.
Githae also reminded Ruto that he welcomed Nyanza region in his government even though he did not vote for their party.

A photo file of Ben Githae

“You went to Nyanza and said 99% did not vote for you but invited them to join you. In your house there are many palaces.

In the middle, only 20 percent did not vote for you,” he explained.

Githae also asked DP Gachagua to invite artists for a meeting. Since then he has promised to work with the government in power.

“Riggy G, you have asked all the Jubilee MPs to negotiate. Please also call us on the phone we left to talk to you. We have good news for Mount Kenya and we will not be divided again.

Githae added that the Kiambu Women’s representative Anne Wamuratha asked why he was not present at the Kamukunji meeting of the leader of Azimio La Umoja Raila Odinga.

“I told her I had already moved this way,” he said.

At the funeral, DP Gachagua called on Kikuyu artists who had left the UDA party during the campaign, saying many were looking for money.

Gachagua said the only artists they support are Ngaruiya Junior and Muigai Wa Njoroge.
Ngaruiya has got a government post.

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