Beth Mugo’s husband cremated in a private ceremony

Senator Beth Mugo’s husband, Ambassador Nicholas Muratha Mugo, was interred today at Kariokor Cemetery Nairobi in a private ceremony attended only by close family members.

The businessman and former diplomat died of prostate cancer and was deported in a short ceremony that lasted about ten minutes.

Among those who attended the ceremony were the wife of the former diplomat, Senator Mugo, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Muhoho Kenyatta and other close family members.

Some family members had arrived at the scene about two hours ago and received the body at 1:35 p.m.

A short service and prayer was held for family members, and at 2 p.m. the furnace was lit, marking the end of a short ceremony presided over by the Bishop of the Church of England Francis Muratha.

“Sometimes we wonder if what happened makes sense, considering one of us as what happened to Ambassador Mugo. However, we must reassure ourselves that God always has meaning, ”Bishop Muratha said.

“The Bible tells us in John 11 that the resurrection and eternal life are represented in His soul. He is the source of the resurrection and eternal life and these reasons are possible for Heavenly Father’s children, ”the bishop added.

After a short service, some family members were asked to escort the coffin to the electric oven for the final process.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin Kung’u Muigai said more details would be provided at a church service tomorrow.

“Everything will be discussed at the Sunday service at Kitisuru home,” said Kung’u, who is also a family spokesman.

Another family member who traveled from Mombasa said he was informed of Mugo’s death on Friday and decided to stop for the first time at a crematorium as he was notified by family members.

“The service was scheduled for 11am but the time was changed to afternoon, probably to allow celebrities to join us. Mugo was ill,” the family member said.

Ambassador Mugo died at the age of 86 at a Nairobi hospital on Thursday morning after a long illness. His wife, Senator Beth Mugo, confirmed his disappearance.

Mugo has served as ambassador to several countries including France and Yugoslavia. He was also Kenya’s envoy to the UN General Assembly in 1968 and 1969.

In his message to the family, President Uhuru described the late Mugo as a patriotic and dedicated man who was among the Kenyans involved in laying a solid foundation for the country’s development.

“He was able to represent our nation as a diplomat in the United Kingdom and later in the UN General Assembly where, along with other Kenyans, he represented Kenya’s interests at the international level,” said President Kenyatta.

In a statement, former President Mwai Kibaki mourned Mugo as an experienced member and volunteer public servant who served the country with visible favor.

A mortuary worker told Saturday Standard that it takes about three hours for the treatment to be completed and the electric oven to be turned off.

Mugo’s funeral at the Kariokor crematorium comes a month after the burial of the country’s first born attorney general, Charles Njonjo. Njonjo, who died on January 1 at the age of 102, had abandoned instructions on how to bury him.

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