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Betty Bayo explanation on Dennis Mutara viral video stir up Kenyans on Facebook.

Photo credits to facebook@Betty Bayo

A video of a kikuyu gospel artist Dennis Mutara went viral on his condition, how he has lost his voice that he can’t sing, and how he has gone several surgeries and nothing has changed. The video also featured Mutara explaining how he has been through depression and claiming that it’s one of his music friends who maybe witchcraft him because of jealousy, but who knows?

photo credits to Facebook @Betty Bayo.

She claimed that she didn’t want to address the issue but she was getting questions on why as an artist they were quiet over Mutara issue.

“I didn’t want to address this issue…. but my inbox is full people asking me story ya dennis mutara and he is one of us.” Betty posted.

She condemned Jeremy who was the host on the trending video, telling him that if he wanted to help Mutara he could have used his money and take action, instead he uploaded the video on his youtube channel and he is the one being paid.

She also clarified that as artist they have been going to see Mutara in his house but no problem worth a rehab or interview.

Betty didn’t stop at that, she told Jeremy to note that when one of them is in trouble they don’t rush to bring them on camera.

She thanked God that in her seasons of pain , God always sends her a helper.

“currently his story is trending on YouTube where the host insist he is drunk and need to go to the rehab…. Mr. Jeremy, kindly note when one of us is in trouble we are not quick to bring them on camera . artist have been flowing in and out of Mutara house and he said he has not problem worth rehab or interview…..personally I have handled a delicate issue than Mutara and instead of bringing them on camera i used my finance and time and I didn’t need the credit… Jeremy you are blessed if you wanted to help Mutara why didn’t you use your money and take action. The video trending is on your channel wewe ndo unalipwa…. plus niliona ulipeana number yako ya mpesa sio ya Mutara. You can’t rise by bringing others down as the body of Christ we are our brothers keeper…. you didn’t have to bring someone weakest moment for sympathy .. my opinion thou…. I thank God in my season of pain ,,, I met people to cover my nakedness not exposing acting saints.” Betty posted,

Followers’ reaction.

This post did not go well with her followers as so many were disappointed.

One went ahead to remind Betty that she has also been earning with her channel through other people testimony so need to judge. “You have been earning on your channel na story na testimony za wenyewe pia….. nkt!!! Hungura show did it on a camera .. kwanini hukuwaprovoke.” one replied.

“I think Betty it is wisdom to address Jeremy via his inbox but not here. If he taken a wrong approach on this issue i think it was not and it is not right to correct him in public . Another thing is Dennis is a servant to all of us who love his music and Jeremy was just a messenger of whatever is happening to our brother, I see no problem with him informing us. Wisdom is an important tool in everything that we say and do as believers.

Betty further explanation.

Betty Bayo didn’t stop there she went ahead to post a conversation she had with Mutara and claimed that Mutara is fine and okay and anyone can call to verify that. ” 30 mins ago I personally called Mutara to hear his side of the story isikue ni kihere here yangu. The interview is not recent but ni ya kitambo … Mutara is well and sober … anybody can call him to verify.” Betty posted.

In the audio Mutara is also requesting Jeremy to pull down the video because it’s not a recent video. Dennis also request Jeremy to pick up his calls coz he is not.

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