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Betty Kyallo addresses her viral leaked steamy video.

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Journalist Betty Kyallo has shut down rumors that her hot video was leaked.

The mother of one is currently trending after a video of her kissing a stranger emerged.

Kenyans are having fun with the video, with some comparing it to the recently leaked YouTube video Georgina Njenga.

Through his social network, Kyallo shared singing DJ Khaled’s song “Sorry Not Sorry” featuring Jay Z.

She also shared a Tik Tok video responding to her critics. The video is about peace and how far we would go to protect it.

“I am not dealing with anyone or anything that will cost me my peace. My peace is priority number 1 and I will protect my peace at any cost.”

Betty Kyallo
A photo of Betty kyallo

A few weeks ago, Georgina Njenga, the mother of former Machachari Baha actress, her exciting video was leaked.

Addressing the video, Georgina says the video was shared by her ex-boyfriend.

“It happened when I was 17 with someone I loved,” says Georgina.

He started threatening me right after I revealed my relationship with Tyler in 2020.”

The couple have revealed that they will take legal action against the person who leaked the Georgina videos.

“Plans are ongoing and we will take legal action…at the moment I cannot give many details, but in the near future we will take legal action,” said Baha.

When asked if the drama shook their relationship, Baha said that everything is fine and that he will never leave his girlfriend.

“He is fine and I love him very much,” Baha said.

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