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Beware of these new Covid-19 symptoms.

Coronavirus has taken new wave with totally different symptoms which tend to differ with the most obvious ones. Initially, the most determinant symptom was high temperature measurements. However, with time there was discovery of new symptoms such as fever, dry cough, night sweats, loss of taste and among others. With the new wave of COVID-19 , new symptoms have been realized. They include;

Body aches; This is where you experience aches in different parts of the body. The aches are characterized by an experience of very sharp pain that strikes the chest and the shoulders at irregular intervals.

Diarrhea; This is one of the most serious latest sigh. However, it occurs at the late stages, and it leads to serious body dehydration.

Prolonged loss of taste and smell; loss of smell and taste could be a symptoms of other flu but if the loss extends more than a week, then definitely could be an effect of coronavirus.

Low blood pressure; The normal blood pressure rages between 100-120/60-80. If the readings goes below these figures, then the pressure is low. This contributes to low oxygen in the body.

Remember to wear your mask correctly, wash our hands and keep social distance.

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