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Bien of Sauti Sol asks for money to allow Raila to use their song.

Sauti Sol singer Bien Baraza has claimed that they will not stop the war on copyright infringement between them and Raila Odinga.

The dispute erupted after Raila played their song Extravaganza while introducing Martha Karua as a running mate.

In an interview with Ankaly Ray of Milele FM, Bien said he has no problem with the politician saying he has a right to be paid for his work.

“I have no problem with Raila, I just try to be a professional here. I will not allow anyone to use my songs for personal gain. Raila will not pay me taxes or pay my 50 employees at the office. At the end of the month,” he said.

I want to get paid big

Asked how much money he would have to pay if the court ruled in his favor, he said it was up to his lawyer.

Add that:

“I’m expecting something big. It could even be a million.”

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