Bill Gates plan to save the world by dimming the sun receives set back.

Bill Gates has suffered setbacks in his ongoing project of dimming sunlight in order to “cool” the earth.

Scientific antagonists and concerned civilians believe that solar geoengineering could bring unavoidable risks and extreme changes in weather patterns that would be no different than the current warming trends.

According to Forbes, environmentalists fear that a dramatic change in mitigation strategy will become a green light for greenhouse gases to continue being emitted without any variation in current consumption patterns.

Gates research dubbed “stratospheric controlled disturbance experiment” is being carried out by a team of scientists from Harvard University.

The team’s aim is to reflect sunlight outside the atmosphere of our planet. They plan to achieve the prospect by spraying tons of non-toxic calcium carbonate into the atmosphere.

Harvard University solar geoengineering research program being a driver of this concept, is looking forward to block insolation to fall on Earth’s ground and also analyze the effectiveness of accomplishing such a task.

The scientists explained to Forbes that they will start the project by first carrying out tests in the atmosphere.

“We plan to use a high-altitude balloon to lift an instrument package approximately 20km into the atmosphere. Once in place, a very small amount of material [100g,2kg] will be released to create a disturbed air mass approximately one kilometer long and one hundred meters in diameter. Then we will use the same balloon to measure the resulting changes in the disturbed air mass, including changes in aerosol density , atmospheric chemistry and light scattering,” they said.

However, in as much as the prospects of solar geoengineering [solar radiation management] have reinvigorated World attempts to mitigate climate change, holes have been poked into the whole idea.

what’s your though on all these.

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