Birthday parties banned in bid to be frugal in China.

A southern county in China has banned birthday parties and other celebration, following calls from the central government to be more frugal.

The rules in funning country will only apply to all Communist party members, civil servants and village organization leaders – not most residents.

Weddings and funerals are seen as key indicator’s of one social status in Chinese culture, and there is sometimes societal expectations – especially for those in authority like village leaders – to hold an extravagant and elaborate affairs.


According to rules issued last week, parties celebrating celebration occasions such as birthdays, job promotions, house warming , would be banned from this month.

There are also some specific rules one have to follow.

New rules include;

Public servants in Yunnan province for instance, will now be required to report wedding details – such as cost, and guest list – to the government in advance.

The number of wedding banquet should not be more than 20, with the overall guest list capped at 200, it added.

The cost to feed each guest should not be more than 50 Yuan if the celebrations are held in the restaurant. Also not more than 300Yuan a whole table if held at home.

The number of cars at a wedding ceremony should be kept below 10.

Similarly, new rules were laid for funerals, where it is tradition for guests to give the family ” Condolences money” in China. Now, funerals cannot be held for more than three days and details of the event should be submitted to the government within 10 days after it’s held.

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