Bishop Margaret Wanjiru steps down for Sakaja in the Nairobi Gubernatorial race

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of the Jesus is Alive ministry has announced her resignation from the Nairobi governorship.

At a meeting held at the Karen office of Vice President William Ruto on Saturday, Wanjiru announced he was withdrawing from the race for Senator Johnstone Sakaja who will now steal the UDA party ticket.

Wanjiru will now go to the entire Senate.

“In the union, there are challenges. There comes a time when you have to give and take. That is what happened here,” Wanjiru said.

In his remarks, Sakaja praised Wanjiru for the sacrifice which led to his growing position as the next governor of the city.

The second senator from Nairobi repeatedly called on his supporters to support Bishop Wanjiru for the Senate seat as they are now members of the same team.

“The most important thing now is to remember that we are one team. I want to urge my supporters now to unite with Archbishop Wanjiru, who is very dedicated to us, and to support his Senate candidacy.”

Karen Nyamu has also resigned as senator and will now support Bishop Wanjiru as senator.

Wanjiru praised Nyamu, Gospel Singer Smith Mwatia aka Rufftone and others who volunteered for him.

“Without you, I would not have gotten a chance where I would have said I was running for the Senate seat.”

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