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Blackmailer leaks Tiwa Savage sex video to the internet after Tiwa refused to heed to his/her demands.

The blackmailer who has been on the song “Bad African Girl”, Tiwa Savage has successfully fulfilled his threat by releasing the singer’s sex tape.

Recall that Tiwa was in an interview with American Air Force, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, more than a week ago, revealed that she was being harassed in a sex video with her and her boyfriend.

Commenting on the situation, Tiwa revealed that his girlfriend, who had accidentally uploaded the video to Snapchat before deleting it almost immediately, was outraged by the development.

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Tiwa initially thought about facing the paymaster’s threat to pay, but then decided to call the abuser and emphasize his own story, after all, that what he did in the video was a natural thing.

In addition, he felt that if he succumbed to pressure from his abuser, he would not give up.

Tiwa even added that if pressure came, he would post the video himself because he is “insane”.

However, many Nigerians did not think he would be stupid enough to make a sex video let alone a letter. Many concluded that it was a scam to increase sympathy on his behalf and help increase sales of the recently released EP, Play Extended, “Water and Garri” which is struggling to sell. Expected effect.

To the shock of many, the video finally crashed into a public domain. It lasts exactly 11 seconds, it has two people but only Tiwa’s face was photographed. Apparently he was on a cruise ship with a colleague and a few friends and at one point it happened.

To say that Tiwa is completely upset with the leak would be obvious. In a copy he posted on his insta story and addressed those who he said wanted to destroy and humiliate him, he said: .

However, there are allegations that Tiwa’s girlfriend, Abolo Beckham, a Nigerian-based Nigerian who made the video with him, leaked it to him and not to the cheater. They rely on the fact that only Tiwa captured the record as he was the only one who recorded it, when he did not capture his own image.

They also wonder why he uploaded it to Snapchat in the first place “by mistake” and deleted it in seconds. Many have concluded that Tiwa is better without such a person who clearly has no good intentions in his heart.

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