Boda Boda rider, Captain Ochenge thrown into cell after reporting sexual assault by two women

Using his official Twitter account, Captain Kerom Ochenge announced that he had been assaulted by two women. According to him, one of the women is married to police.

In his previous post, he said he was at Ngong Police Station, but seven hours ago he upgraded his current location, which reads “Niko Police Station”.

Captain Ochenge has been in custody since until this morning after he was arrested for reporting an assault by two unidentified women.

Captain Kerom Ochenge wrote:

“I was assaulted by two women and reported to the police. I was called to check on the progress of the dump cell. I have been here since this morning. my case does not help. “

It’s yet to be known on what exactly is happening or whether he is out of the cell. more reports to follow on this

This comes a day after the viral video along Forest road where a lady was assaulted by bodaboda riders after being involved in a minor accident

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