Boda-boda rider hangs himself after finding wife in a nightclub dancing with another man.

According to the sources, the man named Godfrey Karani took away his life after his wife was rumored by his friend to have been enjoying herself with another guy in a nightclub in Migori county.

The 30-yea-old was tainted with disbelief after receiving the news. Just to confirm if it was really true, Karani rushed to the club he was told he would find his wife. On reaching there, he was denied access to the club by the bouncers, something which really derailed his optimism.

On contrary, it is claimed that he returned home emerged having only onechoice, death.

Morning came and neighbours discovered his house was still locked, something was freaky to a man of his caliber in addition to his daily hustle.

Having anticipated something controversial, the neighbors alarmed the police who later came and banged the door open only to find his body lifelessly hanging on the rooftop with a rope tied around his neck.

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