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Bomet Boda-boda riders apologize to deputy president for tarnishing his name.

Boda-boda riders from Bomet have apologized to the deputy president for demonstrating hence tarnishing the name of the deputy president. Speaking after the meeting with the area MP on Friday, the riders said they were wrong and they had realized that the politician who was inciting them had no good intention.

The area MP Dominic Koskei who was at the center of the saga condemned his competitors asking them to let him deliver to the people of Sotik. He confirmed to the anxious riders the existence of the money calming them down after claims of the funds being squandered.

“Yesterday I met the leadership of Boda-boda and together we confirmed the existence of their money [4.1 million] fundraised by H.E the DP , myself with friends and saved at Imarisha Sacco. They have apologized for tarnishing and dragging our hustler in chiefs name and other invited guests for no apparent reason,” Koskei said.

The riders agreed to have the funds in a Sacco and not be shared among them as they earlier wanted. This hopes to bring to the end the unending back and forth between him and Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ngeno. Koskei pointing fingers at Ngeno for inciting the riders against him.” We have agreed that their Sacco has to run and there is no room for cheap politics as witnessed before,” The MP said.

Activists from the region however claim that no money was deposited and that the MP took advantage of the illiteracy of the riders to lure them into believing that the funds were deposited. They say he staged the presser outside Imarisha Sacco’s society as no proof of deposit was shown to them.

” Dominic was outside Imarisha Ndanai branch today. He stood there and members of the public came to say hi to him. He spoke with some guys and lied to them that he was from Imarisha depositing the money,” Alvin Koecg2017 gubernatorial aspirant said.

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