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Boy, 9-years old, struck by lightning to death.

A nine year old boy has died after apparently being strike by lightning during a football coaching session.

A child was injured on a playing field in Common Edge Road area of Blackpool shortly after 17;00BST when a thunderstorm hit the Lancashire town.

Lancashire police said he was taken to town but did not survive.

Spirit of Youth Junior FC , which uses the field, said the boy was taking part in a private coaching session.

Police said that although the questioning was still ongoing, it was believed the boy was struck by lightning.


In a statement posted by the club on Facebook page,” It is with deepest regret that we have to report this news that the young boy who was struck by lightning this evening has passed away.”

“As a club we are heartbroken and we offer our sincere condolences.”

“Spirit of Youth is a family and we are entrenched in a local community , and we will give whatever support to the family and to those that were with him.”

“Rest in peace young man.”

The club secretary Daniel Pack said that three team had been due to train yesterday evening but the session were cancelled due to the storms.

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