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Boy commits suicide after parents refused to let him watch UEFA game.

According to the reports Marvin Ochieng Okuku grade seven student from Migori county [Kenya] has taken away his own life due to love for football.

He was a pupil at Ramba primary school. He was reported dead this morning after his mother went to wake him up in the morning .

Marvin hanged himself with a trouser on the house ceiling board. According to the area chief, Oloo, Marvin requested his parents to allow him the UEFA game . His parents declined and ordered him to go and sleep.

After the parents ordered him to go and sleep , Marvin’s mother followed his son and closed the door from outside. This was only meant to make sure Marvin would not escape and go to watch the game.

The deceased body has been moved Kirindi mortuary, awaiting autopsy.


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