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Boy shot on the head by Al-Shabaab successfully completes Highschool.

At 2014, it was unfortunate that the Islamist militant group attacked believers in a church managing to kill six people. Witnesses say people were seriously wounded. The attackers managed to escape on foot before the police arrived.

It was by good luck that a certain boy who was shot on the head but never died. It is reported that at the time of the attack a mother to the boy was shielding them[ him and his younger brother] but it was unfortunate that the mother was shot and succumbed to the injuries. The bullet that shot the mother allegedly passed through her body to her son’s head but never managed to pass through the head.

Mike Sonko who was at that time the Nairobi’s Senator airlifted the boy to Nairobi where the bullet was successfully removed from the boy’s head. The two boys were later taken to school by Sonko and has taken care of them until now .

The boy who’s life was almost cut short has now finishd his High school education at lenana Boys High School. The younger brother is also schooling at St. Mary’s School.

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