Boy who killed his classmate commits another crime of raping grade 5 girl.

A boy who allegedly stabbed his classmate over a pencil issue has committed another crime of forcing himself to a class 5girl.

The family of the boy ran away after the neighbors burned their house down.

The family of the girl who was defiled by the boy reported the matter to the authorities. The two families were later called by the local authorities to resolve the issue.

According to the residents, it all happened when the parents were away. The boy made his way to the house when the parents were away, he forced himself to the girl leaving her in unstable condition.

When the boy committed the second offense , the area residents decided to burn down their home. Also that’s when the parents ran away.

The suspect , said his parents advised him to kill the disturbing classmate when a confrontation arose between them.

The boy is already under police custody.

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