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Breaking News: Mandera Psv blown up by land mine.

A bus that was bound foe Mandera town has been hit by an Improvised Explosive Device [IED] . The bus was on it’s way from Lacey, when it hit the IED which propelled it skywards before it came down again.

The roof of the bus was completely torn off as the bus landed after the bomb. There are reported dead with scores injured on the incident that has happened today in the morning.

Police officers on the scene fear that the number of casualties will definatly increase. The incident happened exactly along Arabia road in Mandera town.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba , confirmed the details of the accident too. This comes barely a few days after police thwarted a planned terrorist attack by AL Shabab militants at the police camp in lafey It is believed the same group might be responsible for this morning attack.

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