Emotional send off moment for mother whose two sons were killed in Kitengela.

A call for justice dominated the speech during the funeral of two brothers who were killed by Kajiado villagers suspected of cattle rustling two weeks ago.


The two brothers, Fred Mureithi, 30, and Victor Mwangi, 25, were attacked along side their two cousins Mike George, 29, and Nicholas Musa, 28, on August 8 by angry villagers, who would treat them like cattle thieves.

Speaking at the funeral, Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni said he was not happy to lose the promised youths under unknown circumstances.

The MP has called on the police to expedite the investigation and bring more suspects to court. The main suspect in the killings was arrested on Tuesday.
The suspect, Benson Melonyie ole Mungai, 40, who is accused of plotting the killings, has been arrested by detectives in his hideout in Kitengela town.

Ms Njoki Macharia of Justice Africa said her team would encourage young people to protest and demand justice for the victims if all the suspects were not arrested.
“We will not remain silent on this matter. It is a revival for the police and all of us,” Macharia said.

While praising her children, Ms Lucy Wanjiru said her children were innocent and victims of incorrect identity.

“My children were the simplest thing I had and it hurts me to understand that i will be able to never get an opportunity to speak or see them again,” Ms Wanjiru said during the emotional moment.

Friends and relatives who spoke at the funeral praised the two men as hard workers, saying it was unfortunate that their lives were cut short in their old age.


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