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Nigerian Artist Burna Boy showcase his luxurious home [PHOTOS]

The music star’s palace sits about 13,000 square seconds in Lekki.

Nigerian music star Burna Boy has for the first time given a tourist guide to his luxurious home in Lagos.


Burnaboy presented Architectural Digest, a monthly American magazine founded in 1920 that focused on interior design and environmental protection, a guided tour of his home in Lagos.

According to the music star, he was in the royal palace where he created his Grammy-winning album “Twice as Tall”.

The paper said the Burna Boy house is a two-story apartment located on a quiet 13,000 square foot in Lekki.

This is a seven-bedroom house with private cinema, living rooms, playroom, plenty of garage spaces and large windows, a recording studio, a theater and a swimming pool that starts inside and out.

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