Bus Overturns at the entrance of Expressway in Westlands

There was an immense traffic growl up along Nairobi’s Waiyaki Way after a mishap happened at the entry of the Nairobi Expressway in Westlands on Wednesday.

Observers said a Super Metro traveler transport upset after it hit a guardrail while dodging hitting another vehicle that was utilizing the turnpike path.

File image of overturned super Metro bus at the entrance of Expressway in Westlands

A few travelers were left with scores of wounds and raced to the emergency clinic.

The mishap occurs, scarcely two days after an Embasava Sacco transport was associated with one more mishap at Mlolongo cost station.

More than 20 individuals were harmed in the Monday night mishap.

The Embasava Sacco transport is said to have slammed into a confidential vehicle, Prado TX, at the Mlolongo exit.

The transport was going to Kitengela from Nairobi CBD when the mishap occurred.

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