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Campus life is not a joke; Comrades advices form4s 2021.

Through a comrade forum on Facebook has come out to give advice to those who are done with their secondary school. Ogwa has said that Campus freedom comes with a cost and responsibility. that in Campus you will live to see your dreams become just that, dreams. Furthermore, he has also stated that in campus no one will support you yet everyone will expect something from you.

“My dear from 4s 2021, friends[and enemies] , Campus life is not a joke.

Allow me to write to you from my heart. When you are older, grayer and weightier, you will say teenage is hectic and undesirable as Kenyan favorite gospel artist, his nightrunningness the Embarambara. And I agree because I am older, grayer and weightier. And because I wish Embarambara was a matoke, that way he would be jumping alongside enzymes catalase in my stomach right this very moment.

But it is also the age I am most nostalgic about, maybe because I graduated from HighSchool few years ago. Or maybe I think life would be easier if we would remain teenagers forever. Or perhaps like every one of you I just like to reminisce over how good things used to be.

Trust me though; this is not going to be one of those reminiscing monologues.

In high school , you start your day knowing you are going to eat. Three meals a day, you will eat all of the, and you’re sure of this. If a cook or whoever serves your meal underestimates the size of your stomach, you can always insult them and even threaten to burn the school. And they will actually take you seriously.

You had so much control of your life when you are in high school. If you want to pass your exams you simply study hard, If you want to eat, you pick your plate and head to kitchen. If you are in boarding school you could fake an illness or something. If you want to sleep you could sleep anywhere even on your locker right there in class. It is all about what you want to do. You have so much control over what happens to you.

Such control, freedom from responsibility , all disappears the moment you step into campus. Here no one owes you anything and everything you do, every choice you make has a consequence. Whoever said ” wit freedom comes great responsibility” must have had campus students on their mind. And if no one said this I’m saying it. Form 4s who just wrote those papers that culminates your stay in high school. The campus freedom you hear comes with a cost and responsibility. I don’t know you guys, but I do know one thing, you won’t like responsibility one bit. you will not. You will have a taste of it and regret ever growing up.

Campus is anything else but fun. There are so many uncertainties here and ye so many choices to make. You will live to see your dreams become just that, dreams. No one will support you yet everyone will expect something from you. In campus you will not even have control over the career to pursue – KUCCPS will take that from you. The girl you date will not be your choice neither- a few tumblers of Keg and bad decisions will have you saddling with a girl who reminds you of your nursery school teacher. And no one likes being reminded of their nursery school teachers.

For the first-time you will come head on head with the realities of life’s unfairness. That having the right family name is way more important than mastering all the laws of physics. That no one will offer you an industrial attachment opportunity unless they know your ancestors.

And there is nothing you will be able to do about it because as you will learn, you are so small, this world is not.” Ogwa comrade posted.

what do you think of all this? Is Ogwa really giving the facts? Drop them at the comment section that is at the bottom of the page.

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