Cargo plane breaks into two during emergency landing

A cargo plane carrying letters and parcels slipped from the runway and broke into two pieces during an emergency landing in Costa Rica on Thursday, resulting in the temporary closure of San Jose International Airport.

Smoke billowed from the large, bright yellow plane of the German company DHL as it came to a halt, after slipping from the runway as it spun around and broke the rear wheels.

Two crew members of the plane were “in good health”, Costa Rica’s Chief of Fire Brigade Hector Chaves said.

However, the Guatemalan couple were taken to hospital as a precaution “for medical examination”, according to Guido Vasquez, a Red Cross worker.

The pilot was shocked but both attendants were conscious and “remember everything clearly,” Vasquez added.

The accident happened just before 10:30 a.m. (4:30 p.m. GMT) after a Boeing-757 plane, which had just left Juan Santamaria International Airport outside San Jose, was forced to return 25 minutes later with an emergency landing due to mechanical. failure. .

Workers would inform local authorities about the hydraulic problem.

The crash halted operations at the country’s largest airport at around 5.30pm, affecting hundreds of flights and more than 8,000 passengers.

Activities are now back to normal, “for arrivals and departures”, said Ricardo Hernandez, general manager of Aeris, a public company that manages the airport.

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