Carol Sonie breaks silence amid breakup speculation with Mulamwah.

Kenyan actress and model Carrol Sonie has finally broken the silence amid rumors of a split between her and her boyfriend Mulamwah.

With inspiration from her Insta stories, she simply published a message of hope that things would improve despite the current situation.

“It is a slow process, but quitting smoking will not speed up,” one of the publications read.

Another message said “be patient and have little hope. Life will be better.”

Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie broke the rumor

Mulamwah and Carol Sonie

Yesterday , the young couple, who are also content creators, pulled out a lot of eyebrows, after discovering that they had logged out of their Instagram accounts.

Later, Mulamwah was also interviewed by fellow content producer Eve Mungai about why he stopped following his girlfriend Carrol Sonie, and his response was that he did not want to discuss the situation at the moment.

However, he promised to resolve the matter later and let their fans know what had happened between them.

However, the events come just 2 months after the couple received their first child, a girl nicknamed Keilah Oyando, and surprised many of their fans by becoming the city’s new parents.

It also comes just months after Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie rekindled their relationship, and that was after they split again in late 2020.

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