Killer Cop makes a huge mistake after almost being caught on her way back from the club.

Today marks the 7th day since authorities announced police officer Caroline Kangogo was a wanted officer after two loyal operations that resulted in the deaths of two officers. While the facts have not been confirmed, reports indicate the possibility of a close relationship between the killer and his victims.

Recent reports detailing Caroline’s whereabouts were released after the suspect appeared on a bicycle in Nairobi. Last night, another appearance was made when a taxi driver allegedly recognized the suspect and refused to drive him.

Published reports have confirmed her recent location as authorities move closer to the arrest of the bandit. Caroline will definitely be arrested shortly after committing a serious offense that revealed how she works. According to a thorough investigation, the suspect enjoys eating and drinking to the point of sleep for the purpose of calming his conscience.

As reported by K24 Media, a taxi driver living in Nakuru is alleged to have identified the fleeing soldier after calling him for a one-night walk. According to sources, the frightened taxi driver took a bold step while going to the police station to report his sight. Unfortunately for the authorities, no one was arrested as CCTV arrested the drunken policeman while he was leaving another vehicle.

Because of public awareness and police pressure, Caroline makes serious mistakes that can eventually lead to her arrest. Whether seen on a bicycle or identified as transporting a taxi, police officers should be stationed at bus stops as the killer has no private transport and uses open public transport for his activities.

Residents of the Nairobi ghetto have been placed on high alert as a target, although making mistakes always remains with many weapons, clever and dangerous.


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