Caroline Kangongo Autopsy underway in Eldoret.

Police officer Caroline Kangogo has died from a gunshot wound, state pathologist Dr Johansen Odor has confirmed.

An investigation conducted on Tuesday found the cause of death to be a gunshot wound that crossed the spine to the brain and skull.

“There was a hole in his head caused by bullets and burns called muscle marks,” Oduor said during a live speech.

The pathologist, however, said they still did not know how Kangogo died, adding that this would only be revealed once the laboratory results were released.

He said they also took samples from the hands, which will help advance their investigation.

Kangogo’s body was taken to the funeral home of Moi Referral Hospital for autopsy on Tuesday, July 27.

The autopsy, which was scheduled to take place last week, was postponed until the last minute.


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