Killer cop Caroline allegedly writes a threatening note to her ex-husband.

Caroline Kangogo, the corporal who turned out to be a bandit, is now threatening her ex-husband, a senior Mombasa sea police officer, with death. Caroline fled because she was suspected of killing two men believed to be her lovers, one of whom was a police officer from Nakuru.

On Wednesday, her parents, Mr Barnaba Kipkoech Korir and her mother, Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo, were interviewed by their home television station in Elgeyo Marakwet County. They discussed various issues with their daughter. Both parents expressed regret over their daughter’s behavior and apologized to the families of the slain police officers John Ongweno and Peter Ndwiga. They urged their daughter to surrender to the authorities as soon as possible.

But a few hours later, Corporal Caroline Kangogo sent a shocking message to her husband, noting that she would have the same fate as the other two victims. The couple separated a few years ago and have two children, aged 8 and 11. Investigators involved in the investigation revealed that Kangogo was chasing his girlfriends and left a chain of corpses behind.

Police have confirmed that they are following every step to assist in his arrest. In addition, close associates of the suspect have suggested that she enjoys banquets and regularly appears in many social venues in Nakuru County. Kangogo is believed to have been in contact with wanted criminals as well.


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