Cartoon Comedian asks fans to pray for her, claims her life is in danger after receiving Whatsapp text threats

Churchill comedian and popular Cartoon Comedian content producer claims her life is in danger and has now asked fans to pray for her.

Cartoons used his Instagram to claim that an artist had sent hooligans to attack her.

According to her, the attack was organized by a person who believed she had no talent after offering a new project. In the video, we hear her say that it was not because she called the artist that she would be attacked.

“The other day I said someone is not talented. Now they have sent people to attack me,” she cried.

The comedian says he was attacked by three men who “walikuja na mubaba” and added that artists should stop bad habits.

“She would call me, help the artist write the lyrics of the song. It’s a hidden talent I have,” she claimed.

She says the robbers attacked him with a flashlight but due to her makeup “I recover when they come with a gun I would be very shaken.”

Later, Cartoon revealed that its attackers were sent by content producer and rapper Diana Marua.

Sharing Whatsapp conversations, the chat shows an unknown person threatening him but defending herself by saying she has the right to tell the truth.

“Tuheshimiane! If you don’t take down that post within 24 hours we will have a serious problem,” part of the conversation read.

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