CCM party leader Isaac Ruto comes clean on why it didn’t show up for signing of the Kenya Kwanza coalition

Local Party (CCM) leader Isaac Ruto now claims the party is still part of Kenya First Vice President William Ruto’s coalition, despite not being among the 12 signatories on Tuesday.
The former Bomet governor, who wants to retake the seat, says unlike other parties that signed the agreement, the CCM supported Dr Ruto unconditionally and did not need to sign the agreement to reach an agreement.

Isaac Ruto image.

“CCM has not discussed special interests, preferences or redistribution within the union because we are a team and believe in a low-income economy, building social cohesion, rehabilitating the economy and creating employment opportunities driven by Dr Ruto and Kenya First. coalition partners, ”Mr Ruto said.

But he said the party would sign a pre-election agreement that would be submitted to the Registrar of Political Parties in due course.

Members have until May 8 to submit this agreement with the Registrar.

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