CCTV footage reveal what really happened inside the equity bank in Kisumu robbery.

CCTV footage has now revealed what happened inside the bank which was raided by thieves in the Angawa area of ​​Kisumu.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, November 24, Nyanza Police Commander Karanja Muiruri revealed that police were searching for the suspect who planned the robbery.

He further noted that CCTV footage obtained from the bank showed the suspect approaching the station and heading towards the cashier on the second floor.

There, he published a notice before ordering the cashier to pour Ksh100,000 into the package, an order that the cashier was not satisfied with.

Equity bank in kisumu ; image/courtesy

The employee then rang the bell, causing the suspect to detonate tear gas, causing the guest room to become uncomfortable. He took the opportunity to settle down on the ground floor before fleeing.

He left his shirt which the police are keeping as evidence and analysis.

After several hours of shelling, the brain and its crew escaped despite police force.

According to the local police chief, the four turned out to be clients while both bank employees and customers were transferred.

Nyanza area chief Magu Mutindika noted that the thieves had to change their clothes before they could be identified.

“We have a men’s shirt. We suspect that the thieves had changed their clothes and left the bank room while evacuating the distressed customers, ”he said.

The witness told reporters that the commotion started around 11 a.m. when the suspects arrived at the bank and threw tear gas inside.

“At 11am there were people coming to this bank. Some entered and others remained outside.

“I received the report and phoned the regional police commander who came here with other officers to see what was going on. witness.

Staff and customers who were evacuated from Angawa headquarters, Kisumu County, were taken to a central police station where they are expected to record their reports. No suspect was found in the group.

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