Charles NJonjo body cremated few hours after his death

The body of former Attorney General Charles Njonjo was cremated in a private ceremony in front of his family members.

His funeral comes just five hours after his death.

Njonjo’s body arrived at the Kariokor crematorium at 9.30am accompanied by about 25 members of his family.

The launch was preceded by a brief family worship service.

The media and unrelated individuals were not allowed to access it.

All the family members have already left the crematorium.

The former minister’s death was announced on Sunday by President Uhuru Kenyatta who said Njonjo’s death was a blow to the country.

The President prayed for the comfort of Njonjo’s family and friends whom he described as a national hero as they go through this difficult period.

Death of Hon. Njonjo is a blow not only to his immediate family, friends and relatives, but to all Kenyans and indeed the entire African continent due to his central role in establishing the Kenyan nation in ‘independence,’ Uhuru said.

“As a nation, we owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Njonjo and the leaders of his pro-independence generation for their dedicated contribution in laying a solid foundation on which our country continues to grow.”

Njonjo was the only remaining member of Kenya’s newly elected cabinet.

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