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Child experts grant 15-year old dying boy’s wish to have sex.

Australian child psychologists have condemned a colleague’s decision to allow a 15-year-old boy with a sexually transmitted disease to have sex with a prostitute before her death.

The case sparked a heated debate over ethical issues. The identity of the young man, who died last week, and the psychologist was not disclosed when the specialist admits what happened is illegal.


The details of the shocking case came to light when the psychologist contacted Sydney radio anonymously, a few days after the death of his patient.

Without speaking to his parents, the young man had told staff at a Sydney hospital that would be Alexander Alexander Children’s Hospital about his desire to lose his virginity.

When the young psychologist examined the opinions of his colleagues, he said there was an initial opinion to prepare a “whip to pay the prostitute”.

The idea was rejected for legal reasons, but a group of friends were later allowed to escort the boy out of the hospital and take him to a prostitute in King’s Cross, Sydney’s red-lane district. Her parents were not advised.

The expert said the boy’s biggest desire was to have sex with a woman, adding: “He was very happy, he was very happy and he was just disappointed that it was over so quickly.”

The radio was full of phone calls and emails in support of the psychologist’s action. However, the Australian medical institution accused him of overreacting to his role and possibly damaging the young man’s dying relationship with his parents.

However, the hospital psychologist insists that he did well. “he was ill for a long time and his education was severely disrupted, so he did not have many opportunities to make and keep friends,” said the specialist. “But he was very attracted to young women and felt the same testosterone that young people have.”

“It was part of that treatment,” he said, “People say Disneyland’s trip is medical. What’s the difference?”

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