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Children killed in shooting at Russian school – Europe.

Officials says that seven children and a teacher have been killed in a shooting at a school in Russian city of Kazan.

Mr. Minnikhanov said the victims included four male and three female eight-grade.

One of the students who witnessed said, “Everyone was panicking and saying ‘shut the door’. About a minute later the head teacher started shouting ‘ we’re shutting the doors!’ We got out about 15 minutes later, out the windows. I wanted to do that but the teacher said no.”

Footage shared on social media showed some of the students jumping from the school so as to escape. While the injured people were being evacuated.

Russian Tv reported that two children died after jumping from second floor through the window.

More than 20 others, mostly children, were reported wounded.


Location of the school.

The shooting happened at school No. 175 on Tuesday. This is 820km East of Moscow.

Response of the authorities towards the shooting.

Russia president Vladimir Putin said he would review the country gun control laws.

The leader of Tatarstan said the attack was a major tragedy for the mainly Muslim republic.


A 19-year old suspect was detained.


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