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Chips Vendor Kwamboka appeal to KENHA not to chase her out.

Bevalyne Kwamboka ,whose tweets have been circulating in recent days, demanded that the government not throw her out of her current location.

The fourth-year student at Kenyatta University said the potato chip business supported her and was her source of income.


“At the moment, I don’t have a permanent structure… I do my business, clean the place and go home. What I can say to KeNHA is that even though I sell chips here, I have not affected anything.

“I even put metal sheets in it to prevent smoke from damaging the gang road. It’s (meaning company) my mother, it’s my father, it’s my husband, it’s my job, ”he said.

Adding: “If I quit this business, I will postpone my university studies and return to my home village… it will be my last, I will have to leave Nairobi.

It comes just hours after the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) called the company “illegal and a violation of pedestrian rights”.

It all started when the announcer posted an official tag on a tweet where Bevalyne was seen cooking a fry.

“IS VOTING these activities legal? “He asked. VOTE replied:” It is against the law and a violation of pedestrian rights … Bridges and walkways are intended for pedestrian crossings and not for any form of business. “

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