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Chipukeezy paid Kansiime one Million to attend his show.

Comedian Chipukeezy paid Ugandan citizen Anne Kansiime more than one million shillings to honor his show in 2018.

It organized a variety of comedians from all over East Africa for a fun event at KICC.

Chipukeezy said that although she is a beloved artist, bringing her to Kenya was his goal and dream.


“We paid him more than a million. She is very expensive, she is paid five million or more,” he said.

“Just know between one and five million and shee did it for me. She had never even played in Kenya, so it was a blessing for my friend and I will always thank him.”

Chipukeezy said local artists are also expected to be well paid.

“Some people hire us but they don’t pay that much. They give us alcohol and women and Sh20k or Sh50k.”

Chipukeezy said he paid that amount when he didn’t have enough because he would also like to be paid the same.

“If I want someone to pay me a million bobs, I have to pay someone who I think deserves it too,” he said.

“Kansiime deserves this money or even more. She is a good African stand-up actor.”

He borrowed money from a few of his friends and brought it with another powerful column.

“Being a Kenyan comedian is the hardest thing and so I didn’t have any money but I ran here and there… the option to keep that money.

“It was my goal and dream to bring her here. I met her in Rwanda and then I couldn’t even speak English well to her. She encouraged me and I told her I would work. One day with her.”

Chipukeezy returned to the country a few days ago after a successful US tour last month, playing alongside other African comedians.

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