I wnat seven wives like my grandfather: Chipukeezy states.

Vincent Muasya, aka Chipukeezy, says he finds his grandfather by marrying many women.

Speaking on Instagram Live and Word Is, the comedian has come out in public with his plans to marry seven women, saying it is difficult for a man to get the many qualities he wants from a woman.


“I will be like my grandfather, he had seven wives. I realized that the qualities I want in a woman are many, I will need to have a lot,” Chipukeezy said.

“I want to have seven like my grandfather. I understand that, it was hard to get the right reputation. I need to marry more women, seven wives.”

The comedian said he is currently not in a relationship, but there are different qualities he would like for a woman.

“I would just like a sensible person, who knows that beauties are not born, they are peaceful and also supportive,” he said.

Chipukeezy emphasized the need for an African man to be a salesman.

“Women were created to be protected by us. That’s why we work so hard that if you have a wife, keep them at home, you don’t have to be housed.”

The comedian is currently touring the United States. He shared his grand plans to build a state-of-the-art library in his private primary school.

He encouraged other Nigerian comedians to join him in the debate. They have set up a fundraiser and its first invention will be next year.

The library will be built at St Martins De Porres Primary School in Tala, Machakos County.

“When I started making jokes, I promised to build a school in my town and build it. I decided to use comedy to promote the school and now I am developing it,” he declared.

“Next year my brother Mrpatricktv and Mcpccomedian will travel to Kenya to build a library! I look forward to welcoming you to my country to show you my village and meet the children.”

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