Chris Kirubi left nothing for his wife and Mistress

Chris Kirubi died in June last year. Since then, many have wondered what will happen to its Ksh 20 billion property?

In her 1996 will, Kirubi bequeathed to her son Robert Kirubi and daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi 80 percent of the estate, giving her second daughter Fiona Kirubi Ksh4 million.

Kirubi did not leave out his 4 siblings, each receiving Ksh 500 million. Robert Kirubi and his daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi have peacefully agreed to give Fiona 9.95% of the property they shared equally.

“We would appreciate it if you could register the following permit in the above regard. To register an order that Fiona Wambui Kirubi will receive 9.95% of the assets of Robert Kirubi and Mary-Anne Kirubi, or 80% of the total property”, the consent reads in part.

This means that she will receive approximately Ksh 1.6 billion from his relatives.

And what exactly did the late merchant own?

  • Shares in unregistered companies are estimated at 12.7 billion shillings.
  • Its shares in companies listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) are worth 3.4 billion shillings -He had invested more than Ksh 1.8 billion in Bayer East Africa Limited. An agricultural and pharmaceutical company established its roots in the country in 1968. -In Haco Industries, Kirubi had 4.5 million shares worth 801 million Kenyan shillings, with International House Limited and Kiruma International Limited valued at least 1 billion shillings. -At the same time, he owned 1,406 shares of Bendor Estates Limited worth Ksh 5.6 billion. -The businessman had accumulated land worth 3.1 billion shillings, including one in Loresho worth 2 billion shillings and another in Kwale estimated at 111 million shillings. The other two buildings in Muthaiga and Mtwapa each are worth Ksh 60 million. -He also owned 6 six luxury cars: Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 (Ksh 30 million), Bentley Continental GT (Ksh 29 million), Range Rover (Ksh 26 million), Mercedes Benz (Ksh 16 million), Mercedes Benz ML 320 CDI (Ksh 5 million) and Mercedes CLS 350 worth Ksh 3 million.

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